Maintenance Of Wood Windows – Discount Windows MN

Maintenance Of Wood Windows – Discount Windows MN

In order to ensure the longevity of your wood window, one must abide certain maintenance practices. Below are a few of them.

  • General care.

In order to extend the decorative finish of your wood window, endeavor to carry out simple general care such as wiping down the joinery finish. This helps to remove insect and dirt and gives the window a befitting look. This can be done simultaneously with the glass cleaning. You should also check the hinges and handles and remember to treat with oil if necessary. These practices help to extend repainting intervals.


  • Restoration. In cases of restoration, there are basic steps that must be followed.

Step 1: Using a fine grade abrasive paper, lightly abrade the areas that need to be re-coated

Step 2: Wash with mild detergent and rinse with water. This helps to remove insect, dust and any other contaminants that may encourage algae and fungal growth.

Step 3: Using a good quality, synthetic brush built for acrylic paint, put a coat of water-based translucent or opaque topcoat in the right color, shade or gloss level.

Step 4: In the cases of multiple coats, allow each coat to dry before applying another layer.

  • Applying water-based paints. Water-based paint has characteristics different from acrylic or other types of paint. Water-based paints have shorter drying time and have reduced flow. Below are the steps to achieve a good finish while using water-based paints.

Step 1: Get a synthetic brush with long bristles

Step 2: Insert the brush in water, from the base to the tips

Step 3: In order to improve flow, thin paint with 5-10% of water. This is particularly important in warm weather.

Step 4: Generously load the paint on the surface, brushing briskly

Step 5: Ensure not to over brush, water paint naturally flow and level up

Step 6: Do not paint seals

Step 7: If you have stained the glass with paint, allow the paint to dry. Then, wet the area and use a scraper to remove it. Not wetting the surface may lead to scratches on the glass.

Step 8: Work systematically; start and finish one component before moving to the next, e.g. start from the top rail, then move to the style and finish at the bottom rail.

Step 9: Ensure not to paint when the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius or if the humidity is above 80% as this may affect the performance of the coating.

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  • Troubleshooting. In the case of damage, there are certain steps that must be followed to restore the window to its original condition. Follow these steps if minor flaking occurs but the timber substrate is still good.

Step 1: Using an abrasive paper, abrade the damaged area to take out all loosed coating so as to get a smooth surface

Step 2: Use water to remove dust from the abraded area and allow to dry properly

Step 3: Apply the topcoat to the damaged area in the appropriate color and gloss level

Step 4: Allow drying before adding another coat

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