Extruded Aluminum Frames vs Clad Aluminum  – Discount Windows MN

Extruded Aluminum Frames vs Clad Aluminum – Discount Windows MN

Have you been thinking of replacing your windows at home and you are finding it difficult deciding what type of qualities you should look out for? Even though you may be considering other things like security, costs, efficiency, durability, protection etc., which are also important things to consider when choosing your window type, it is also important to take know more about the screen construction.


Even if you are building your new home or just replacing your windows, there are many types of frames to use but we will be discussing two very important window frame types you might consider using for your home. There is the Extended Aluminum Frames and the Clad Aluminum frames. You need to know the features of the two frame materials and what benefits they will offer to your home. Both types are of good quality but there are certain differences in their quality which you may need to know about in order to decide which works for you.

Here are some of the differences between the extruded aluminum frame and the clad aluminum and what sets them apart.

Clad Aluminum

Many people still prefer to use wooden windows in their homes. Clad windows come with a wooden frame with an exterior made of aluminum. They also come with other types of materials like fiber glass or vinyl but for this purpose we are sticking to clad windows that come with aluminum.

  • It has a comfortable look with the wood and the aluminum attached together
  • The aluminum gives it a strong and durable quality as they would not warp, expand or rust
  • It is cheap to maintain
  • Clad windows have a good resistance to water and air infiltration

Extruded Aluminum Screen Frame

  • It is lightweight and built for Heavy duty
  • Unlike other irons, it does not rust and so it won’t corrode
  • It can be easily assembled and does not require any welding
  • It can be painted, textured and also polished
  • It has mitered corners
  • It has a screen spline that faces the interior and keeps the exterior of the aluminum color matched
  • It does not break or bend easily
  • It is built to last a lifetime as the aluminum is reusable and recyclable
  • The equipment used for custom extrusion of the aluminum is very affordable

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You won’t have to think about replacing your windows if they are made of durable material. If you decide to choose clad aluminum, you get the benefit of having a comfortable window while extruded aluminum over long-lasting windows for your home. Both aluminum frames are of good quality. You can always contact a window installer to see what type of window fits your home design.

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