Bay Windows


A Bay window is a window with 3 windows.

Bay windows are usually casement windows that are designed to give interior of a room an illusion of being more spacious. A Bay window brings a lots of sun-light and a unique look to any room.

The central window in a Bay windows, as a rule, are fixed and the side windows open for the ventilation.

Pros of the Bay window

  • Bay windows are designed for view. Because other windows are stock inside the wall of a house, bow windows are outside, stretched out.
  • If you want to add space install a Bay window. You can use the shelf for added storage, especially the Bay windows that go down to the floor.
  • Casement windows are easy to clean without going outside.
  • Sunlight! This window will bring a lot of sunlight to your home, from all directions.

Cons of the Bay window

  • Expensive. Bay windows are spendy.
  • These windows have to be installed by pros, because a poorly installed Bay window will cause structural damage.
  • A lot of natural heat. Because of the size of the window you will be bringing a lot of heat from the sun. So, make sure your Bay window is energy efficient to reduce solar heat.