Picture Windows


There is not better way to enjoy appreciate stunning stunning view of your yard, lake or woods than through a Picture window. You might have a million dollar view, but your regular windows may not give a way to admire it.

Picture Window

Pros of the Picture window

  • A Picture window offers a great and clear view, that is not altered in any way. Picture windows are great for adding more sunlight to a room.
  • Great for weatherproofing. Picture windows usually do not open, so there is no airflow to worry about.
  • Great price and simple design. Since there is no hardware, the price of a Picture window is better than those of a casement window or a double hung window.

Cons of the Picture window

  • No air ventilation. If you need to have airflow in the room, Picture window is not a great choice. Picture windows do not open, so you do need additional windows to use for ventilation.
  • Warms up the space. Picture windows are usually bigger and let a lot of son into the room, this might raise the temperature in your living space.
  • Not an emergency exit. Again, since Picture windows do not open, they can not be used as an escape in case of an emergency.