Garden Windows


If you want to add a special window to your kitchen, Garden window is the way to go.

By adding a Garden window you creating more space in your kitchen, a very unique space, that with it brings more light, fresh air and beauty to a usually cramped part of a home.

A Garden window with a collection of plants will draw people’s attention.

Pros of the Garden window

  • Garden window is additional space in a kitchen. Not only adding more shelves to a usually smaller room, you are also adding a herb garden to make your room different.
  • A good way to add more ventilation in a room with many smells. The window is made to have proper ventilation for the plants, but at the same time it will add more fresh air to the kitchen.
  • More light even with a small size. Because a Garden window brings more space and this space is all glass, you are adding much more light to a kitchen.

Cons of the Garden window

  • Not all houses can support a Garden window, specially if not installed correctly.
  • Garden windows are not a great choice for cold climates like MN.
  • Not energy efficient. Because Garden windows are all glass, they are not insulated well. Garden windows are also at risk of a leak because of the condensation.
  • Garden windows are also much more expensive than regular windows because they a combination of four to five windows. And you have a size limitation with a Garden window.