How Spacers Can Affect the Energy Efficiency – Discount Windows MN

How Spacers Can Affect the Energy Efficiency – Discount Windows MN

You’ve probably never thought about window spacers, they can be easy to overlook, but I’m here to tell you how investing in them can save you costly repairs down the road. The proper window spacers can help you be more energy efficient too.


The most important things to know when choosing window spacers are: they are good insulator, they have seal protecting technology, they deal well with thermal expansion, and they adapt well to pressure differences.

Window spacers are bands of material that seal, insulate and provide spacing between the panes of double-pane windows. Spacers are placed at the edges of the window panes which happen to be in the coldest part of the window. If the pane of glass on the inside of the house is not properly insulated from the outside temperature, then the inside pane will be colder than the inside temperature allowing the formation of condensation.

The condensation of water droplets on the inside edges of the window frame can result in many harmful consciences: humidity can lead to the formation of mold, the warping of wood work on the frame, and unsightly stains around the window’s edges. Proper insulation and sealing is also necessary in preventing heat loss.

Common spacers, more often old spacers, are made of metal. Metals are very good at heat transfer, which is the opposite of what we want in a spacer. Transfer of heat is what causes heat from inside of homes to be lost, thus heating homes during winter becomes costly.

Many double pane windows have insulating gas between the panes, this helps to prevent heat transfer but is only possible with proper double seal technology. The inner seal helps place the spacer and prevent external moisture transfer, while the outer seal allows for structure and flexibility. This helps keep the seal’s integrity, allowing the insulation gas from escaping and moisture from entering. This double seal technology also prevents seal rupture during movement of due to thermal expansion and pressure differences.

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Researching window spacers is an effective money saver for all home owners, reducing heating and repair costs. Avoiding metal spacers and picking low conducting or insulating spacers will prevent heat transfer in and out of your home. Double seal technology increases seal integrity, keeping insulation gases in while preventing moisture and heat transfer.

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