5 Facts About Window Replacement Warranty - Discount Windows MN

5 Facts About Window Replacement Warranty - Discount Windows MN

Window Replacement Warranties

If your windows are damaged or old, contact a window dealer today. It will be the first step to improving the home. New windows will make the home look great, and it will reduce energy costs. Most window warranties cover installation and parts for several years. Here’s a list of important coverage to look for while shopping for windows.

  • Labor is Only Covered for a Limited Time

Most window warranties cover labor for a limited time. For example, a typical window and door warranty covers labor for two years after the installation date. If the windows fail during this time, the company will send an authorized installer to fix the windows at no cost. The warranty doesn’t cover work done by unauthorized installers. The warranty doesn’t cover labor or parts used to fix adjacent materials or structures.

Discount Windows covers labor for the life of your window. The coverage is not transferable to the new owners, only to original owners who bought the windows.

  • Glass-breakage Warranty Might Not be Included

Most warranties don’t cover broken glass after a certain period of time. For example, a typical window warranty covers components other than glass for 10 years. The integrity of the material is guaranteed to last during this period. Some of the erosions that are covered by the warranty include rusting, blistering, cracking, peeling, corrosion, flaking, pitting, and rotting. Glass isn’t covered. If you want glass covered, find a dealer that offers glass-breakage coverage. A good window glass-breakage warranty lasts for 25 year.

  • Hardware and Moving Parts are Covered During the Lifetime of Home Ownership

Another important aspect of a window warranty is the hardware and moving parts coverage. Good warranties cover this for the lifetime of home ownership. If these aspects of the window fail decades later, you can still file a claim with the company if you have the warranty.


  • Screens Might Not be Covered

Some warranties don’t cover screens. This might be a problem when the screen is damaged. You could purchase a new screen from the installer. If they don’t have it in stock, then it might be more difficult to replace it. You will have to find a retailer that sells the right type of screen for the window.

If the dealer offers a warranty that covers screens, you should take it. It probably won’t cover insect infestation, however. Most screens are strong enough to prevent insects from entering the home. This eventuality is an unfortunate possibility if the screen is damaged.

  • Discount Windows Inc works with manufacturers that provide the most coverage available and we will let you know if there is additional coverage that can or should be purchased from the manufacturer. We want your product to last for as long as you own your home.

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