Features And The Advantages Of The New Double Hung Windows

Features And The Advantages Of The New Double Hung Windows

There are some factors must be put into consideration when it comes to buying replacement windows for your home. Some of the obvious factors are style, materials, and size of the windows. The new double hung windows are one style that is still very popular especially in the US, despite the fact that it has been around for a long time. These windows style adopts the traditional appearance found in most houses and are closed and opened by sliding down and up. The window is equipped with muntin which is a special kind of divider that divides pair panes of glasses. This piece will discuss some of the features and advantages of the new double hung windows.


Key Benefits of the New Double Hung Windows

  • Energy Efficiency. The main purpose of dual-panel glazing and modern window styles is energy efficiency. A feature that is not widely known is how the sashes form a seal when the window is locked. Optimally, the sashes and frames should not contract or expand due to changes in temperature which may allow leaks due to gaps formed when it contracts or become difficult to close and open when it expands.
    Double hung windows are designed to form a firm seal when closed which makes them very energy-efficient.
  • It Enhances Effective Ventilation. Having two separate apertures is the primary principle behind efficient room ventilation. An inlet that allows fresh air in and an outlet that pushes stale air out. This setting can be achieved by using dual separate windows, but double hung windows are ideal especially for rooms that have space for only a single window. Its sashes can open in such a way that the aperture at the bottom serves as intake while the opening at the top serves as the outlet.
  • It’s Easier to Clean and Maintain. The old hung windows are normally difficult to clean and even more difficult when it comes to cleaning the exterior which will require stepping outside. The whole task of cleaning becomes laborious and sometimes involves the risk of injury especially when cleaning the upper levels windows. But the new double hung window is equipped with a sash which has the ability to tilt inwards and facilitates cleaning both sides of the window without much stress or the need to step outside.
  • They Work with Air Conditioners or Screens. For houses that require windows to hold screens or air conditioners, the double-hung window design is the best fit for this situation. Features like air conditioning can be taken away or added easily since the windows can slide down and up.
  • Home Styles Best Suited for Double Hung Windows. For most conventional American homes, the double-hung window provides a perfect design. Homes including Tudors, farmhouses, cottages, range homes, craftsman homes, Victorians, colonials, or cape cods will find the new double hung window most rewarding. Based on the style of your house, you may consider a grid pattern design which will enhance the curb appeal of your home and give them an extra custom touch.

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