How To Restore Deck Finish After Winter - Discount Windows MN

How To Restore Deck Finish After Winter - Discount Windows MN

A new wood deck offers a warm, fascinating connection with the outdoor area, adding to the beauty of a home and setting the springboard for an exciting world of outdoor activities. Wood decks are often abused (due to its use and continued exposure to adverse weather conditions). After several years and without proper maintenance, wood decks start to become uninviting and weathered. Fortunately for homeowners, the issue with most wood deck surfaces are cosmetic, not structural. Why is that the case? Because decking is made of durable woods (typically redwood, pressure-treated pine or cedar). Redwood and cedar heartwood are naturally resistant to termite infestation and decay. While pine is usually pressure-treated with pesticide.


Even so, extended UV (ultraviolet radiation) exposure usually breaks down the surface fibers and lining of wood deck which in turn results in surface erosion and graying. Moisture causes stains and encourages surface mildew, particularly in areas with humid or damp climates where surfaces never dry completely. Natural extractions in cedar and redwood can discolor the wood deck surface. The road to giving your deck a great look is simple, regardless of the wood type used. Firstly, you clean it, before diagnosing and treating any form of discoloration. Finally, you protect the result of your work with a durable finish. When working on a deck above an available area (like the second-story deck above the patio), before starting, be sure to adequately protect the area beneath it with drop-cloths or plastic sheets.

Give your worn out looking deck an enhanced appearance by using this approach. Wood left unprotected will soak moisture, which can lead to damage. Because decks are regularly exposed to abuse, you may have to treat restore your deck periodically. Once a year will be ideal. This article contains expert advice on how to restore deck finish.

Removing The Old Deck Paint

The first task involves removing the existing wood deck paint. If your deck looks bad with splinters, you cannot just paint over it. The existing paint can be taken out with a scraper and boiling water. Pour boiling water on one section of the paint. Then start using the scraper to remove the paint. You can also make use of chemical peelers. However, most homeowners who want to be eco-friendly will opt for the more natural route. After that phase, use an excellent pressure washer to spray on your wood deck.

Choosing the Product To Restore Your Wood Deck

There are several options to use here. Homeowners can use paint, stain or any other restore product to renovate their wood deck. Here’s how to use each option:

  • Paint – usually requires more work particularly when it comes to filling cracks and holes. Painting also means you need to caulk. Some paints are uniquely formulated to repair wood. There are also multiple color choices of paint to pick from.
  • Restore Products – are usually made with heavy-duty acrylic. These products are typically developed specially to restore wood decks. They provide convenience in restoration since the product is nearly ten times thicker than the traditional paint, and will fill holes and cracks for a smoother surface. Restore products are usually designed to for 13 years at the least. However, you can also use restore paint on your deck, and it will start to look awful after one year. Most times stain is always a better option.
  • Stain – are made in a range of neutral colors including old wood and semi-transparent stain.

All deck products usually require the same preparation:

– Removing the old paint.

– Power washing the deck and allowing it to dry.

– Removing loose nails if there’s any present.

– Repairing holes and splinters if necessary.

– Sandpaper any areas that have been affected by the sun.

– Mask non-deck areas or areas of adjacent walls.

– Apply the product using the appropriate equipment. These products will generally need several coats to achieve a uniform look. The first coat is the primer for most restore products.


– Not all rollers and brushes for applying deck product are the same. Ensure you use the correct equipment to apply your deck restoration product.

– Only use brushes near non-deck areas and adjacent walls.

– Use rollers to apply acrylic or paint to the body of your deck.

– Your roller should measure up to three-quarter-inch if you have a rough surface.

– If your deck surface is medium, your roller should be a one-quarter-inch nap.

– Use a foam roller if you have a smooth deck.

– Make sure you get a roller extension as this makes the job easier.

After cleaning your wood deck, it is important to allow it to dry well before sealing it. However, do not wait too long before sealing it because it can accumulate dirt again. Determine if the deck needs to be sealed just by sprinkling drops of water on it. If the water does not bead up and soaks right in instead, the deck has to be sealed ultimately.

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Consult a paint supplier or other painting expert to choose the best finish suited to the wood used to construct your deck. The paint should contain either paraffin or oil to keep off moisture from soaking in it. Additionally, it should have ultraviolet blockers or pigment to keep violent rays from the sun from changing the color of the deck to gray, unless that is the look you want for your deck. If your property is exposed to wood-eating bugs, make sure the finish contains an insecticide to deal with the issue.

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