Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes - Discount Windows MN

Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes - Discount Windows MN

Remodeling your home is arguably one of the most interesting and creative activities you can partake in. But with all the responsibility comes during this process there will be pressure when it comes to making informed decisions. So the question is; how can you ensure that you get the right remodeling design that suits your lifestyle? How can this be achieved without having to exceed your budget but maximize your return on investment? One thing that is constant is that a core area in any home renovation is the bathroom. The bathroom has to look great.


The bathroom may seem small when you look at what’s involved in your home renovation. It may look innocent. However, don’t be surprised if you find it a hefty task to manage. There is more involved in a bathroom renovation. It is not simply replacing the tiling or changing the tub and toilet tank. You need to make the space appealing. It needs to reflect its purpose. The bathroom is the most functional space in any house, meaning having a well-organized appearance is essential to its functionality.

Bathrooms, whether small or big, should be well thought out in design and carefully located. Your bathroom should function well in the minds of users. Bathrooms should be beautiful. You should use the space efficiently. The only way to achieve this is to avoid the common bathroom remodeling mistakes. Below are some of these avoidable mistakes.

Incorporating Too Many Designs

The typical bathroom is usually a small space. Meaning, it can’t handle too many designs. Homeowners should pick a focal point. A freestanding bathtub for example and build the bathroom’s design around that piece. Your bathroom design should reflect something simple but yet appealing. It shouldn’t be too shouty but calm and natural.

Window Replacement

Window replacement during a bathroom renovation is mostly one area where mistakes are made. Using the wrong kind of windows will render the remodeling useless. We have highlighted some common ways to avoid such mistakes below:

Easy maintenance: Since your bathroom will always be a busy place, you will want to go for a window style that will be easy to use. Windows resistant to rotting, temperature extremes and moisture will work best in most cases (because you will want the premium-quality windows to last very long). Vinyl is a good example of materials that can handle excess moisture, and be wiped down easily without worrying about any wood rotting.

Textured or tinted glass: Another option is tinted or textured glass windows. This is a good idea if you require some privacy in the bathroom and do not plan to invest in window treatment. This kind of windows will still provide the natural light and typical ventilation like an easy to use window will to the bathroom. It will also offer a stylish look while keeping your bathroom interior more private from outsiders. This is a good feature if your bathroom view is just simplified.

Low-E glass: A common challenge that most bathrooms are facing is having an even temperature. Especially in areas with high humidity levels and hotter regions. To help keep your bathroom space cool and more comfortable, purchase and install windows with Low-E glass coating. This kind of windows will block the majority of the heat coming from the sun. Thus reducing the bathroom’s overall temperature.

Coming Up with an Unrealistic Budget

Do not try to carry out a $10,000 remodeling when what you have is just $5,000. You will have to cut corners in the end of your project end up not being pleased with the results. It is recommended that you carefully look into your finances so as to come up with a realistic budget. Write the sum down, and put that amount of money in your bank account.

Ignoring Storage

The ideal bathroom space is simple. But the image we are trying to portray here belies the stuffed-to-the-brim bathroom nature. You will need many items inside your bathroom. From toiletries to towels. In addition, toiletries are often the kind of baggage you wouldn’t want lying around. Most people always forget their guests will have these items as well. Subsequently, there are hardly places in guest bathrooms for guests to store cosmetics and other items.

Not Having a Clear Plan

A bathroom remodel should be planned or organized well in advance. Because this process involves many finicky elements, you cannot just put it together piece by piece. You must have a plan well ahead of time. The plumbing should have to incorporate its design. Your intended design will incorporate the electrical wiring. You should know where the bathtub will be situated before initiating your plans.

Neglecting Electricity

Do not forget that your hair straighteners or blow dryers need access to be plugged into. Which is why you should have an outlet close. You don’t want to use an extension cord or power strip inside your bathroom. Small spaces typically clutter up quickly. So anything you can carry out to keep your bathroom space clear will definitely benefit its overall vibe.

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Bottom Line

The above suggestions are clear. One thing that is essential before starting the process is to have a clear plan. Before you start to renovate, consider the kind of vibe you will want the bathroom to emit. Do you prefer marine serenity or ethereal grace, with glamorous gold accents? Starting your renovation with a concrete plan will result in a more efficient and rewarding solution. Decisions will be easier. The end product will emit a cohesive, unified vision.

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