When is it really time to replace your windows?

When is it really time to replace your windows?

Are your windows drafty, look beat up, and are hard to operate? So you think it’s time for new windows, especially since the energy savings will help you offset their steep cost?


Think again, that’s not always the case. The biggest mistake a homeowner can make is thinking that by replacing the windows the savings on the energy bill will pay for the windows. You should not replace your windows just because you will save on energy!

Window Frame Rotting

Doesn’t matter what kind of wood your frame is made out of, over time the wood will begin to deteriorate. The exposure to harsh MN winters and wet and humid summers will cause the wood to rot. This will allow water and air to leak into your house.

Patching it with epoxy can solve the problem in the short run. If you’re not that handy with the tools a handy man can do this for about $100 – $250. But replacing a frame will cost you as much as a new window, $300 – $600.

Broken Seals

Does your window fog-up, do you have condensation between panes? The problem is your seals in compromised. The gas that insulated your windows is gone.

To repair the problem you can buy a kit for about $150, but that will only help you remove the moisture from the windows but not refill with gas, and that is if you can do it yourself. There are many companies that can come out and do this for you, the cost is $150 to $400, depending on the size of the window. But you have more than one window with a broken seal it’s time to think about replacing all your windows with new ones.

Broken Window Hardware

Are your windows hard to open? Maybe you painted them shut and the won’t open at all?

Even though it doesn’t sound like huge problem, it can be. Sure, you can replace most of the hardware yourself or call a handy man probably for under $200. The problem is if your window is more that 15 – 20 years old you might not find the right hardware. And if your windows are that old, it means the frame is not as solid structurally as it was, replacing the hardware maybe not be as easy if your frame won’t hold new screws.

Not only that, but if your house was built pre 1978 it may be painted with lead paint, which should definitely be removed.

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If any of this applies to you, the cost of repairs will be at par if not higher than the cost of new windows.

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