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Why Picture Windows Unique & Special?

What’s So Perfect About A Picture Window?

Picture Window is a beautiful way to bring natural light into a room or to highlight a beautifully expansive and unobstructed outdoor view.

Why Picture Windows Unique & Special?

What is so great about a picture window?

There’s nothing complicated about the design of a picture window—it’s a simple square or rectangular shape with just one pane of glass that typically does not open. So what’s all the fuss about? Why is the simple picture window so unique and special?

The answer is that the simplicity behind the picture window is actually its secret weapon. We’ve watched homes go through complete transformations with the addition of picture windows. They’re an incredibly versatile window choice, meaning that whether you choose to have them stand on their own or combine them with additional windows, their simplicity makes for an easy way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside of your home in whichever way you choose!

Make Combinations

Compliment or upgrade your homes appearance by combining picture windows with other window styles. For example, you can increase ventilation and natural light by adding casement windows on both sides of a picture window. Or, adding a specialty window atop of your picture window can go a long way in dressing it up.

Let the Light In

Sunlight can benefit your home in so many ways. Large windows can help lower energy bills, boost curb appeal, enhance the colors within your home, and even improve your mood and sleep pattern! If a bright sun-room has been on your wish list or you’ve got a beautiful view that’s too stunning to capture with a series of small windows, consider picture windows. Large picture windows are great for creating window walls by aligning many picture windows together.

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